Creating Innovation in automated shelving and vending

Carry Sale Vending Machine

Welcome to Creative Methods Inc. Located in Harmon, IL. Where we proudly manufacture and distribute the patented Carry Sale™ vertical carousel shelving unit. The Carry Sale™ is a space saving organizer that is designed to make retrieval of products easy and secure. The Carry Sale™ can be customized to fit your needs in most environments such as industrial, retail and residential.

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Industrial Benefits

  • Maximize valuable production and warehouse space
  • Parts and tooling availability immediately at production locations
  • Real time inventory to ensure production machinery up time
  • Security and control of valuable items
  • Organization and efficiency improvement

Retail Benefits

  • Provide audio visual advertising right at the point of sale
  • Interact with your customers in a revolutionary way
  • Reach customers via remote out of store vending locations
  • ROI through additional product and advertising sales
  • Assist your customers with product locating and information

Residential Benefits

  • Use the small footprint to create additional storage space
  • Organize your hardware, tools and other household items
  • Secure valuables and catalog locations
  • Control access to chemicals and other potentially dangerous items