About Us

Creative Methods, Inc. was born out of a larger rebuilding company and machine shop, Addison Automatics, est. 1979. Creative Methods has been turning out new products ever since its inception in 1999, with products like the Carry Sale™.

Carry Sale™ was conceived when the owner was at the grocery store one day with his wife. As he watched his wife stretching to reach a can of soup on the top shelf, he couldn’t help but wonder if there wasn’t a better way for stores to dispense their products for customers with a shorter reach.

The next day, he began working on a solution to the problem, along with his design staff at Creative Methods, Inc.

The Carry Sale™ has evolved into fully interactive vertical shelving and vending units that can display direct product marketing right at the point of sale. This marketing can be directly related to the product in the unit or general in nature running store ads or any other type of audio visual advertising. The Carry Sale™ can also integrate into inventory systems and provide payment options right at the unit.